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The Met: Live in HD 2011–12 Season     2011-12 樂季



Hong Kong  香港


26 November 2011 – 8 July 2012
2011年11月26日 - 2012年7月8日



Ticket price:

Die Walkure女武神/ Siegfried齊格弗里德/ Gotterdammerung諸神的黃昏: $220/*$180
Other titles 其他: $180/*$150
* Full-Time Student/Senior Citizen 全日制學生 / 長者




20% off for group purchase of 20 or more standard price tickets in same opera in a transaction
20% off for purchase of 8 or more screenings at standard price in a transaction







Operas :    




Donizetti’s Anna Bolena – New Production

多尼采蒂《安娜‧波萊娜》 – 全新製作


2011 Nov 26 (Sat) 5:40pm, UA Cityplaza

2011 Nov 27 (Sun) 1:00pm, UA Cityplaza

2012 Feb 10 (Fri) 7:00pm, agnes b. CINEMA
2012年2月10日(星期五),下午7時,agnes b. 電影院


Ticket price 票價 :

$180–Adult 成人


$150–Full-Time student / Senior Citizen with valid ID 全日制學生 / 長者



F&B Service :

Light meal sets are available by reservation on UA website.



餐飲服務 :



$50 – Set 1:
Baked Potato Skins with tea or coffee 芝士焗西蘭花煙肉薯皮及茶或咖啡


$50 – Set 2:
Chicken Meat Quesadilla with tea or coffee 墨西哥雞肉餡餅及茶或咖啡



Expected Running time: 4 hours, 15 minutes   演出約4小時15分鐘
Sung in Italian with English subtitles    以意大利文演出附英文字幕

Anna Netrebko opens the Met season with her portrayal of the ill-fated queen driven insane by her unfaithful king. She sings one of opera's greatest mad scenes in this Met premiere production by David McVicar. Ekaterina Gubanova is her rival, Jane Seymour, Ildar Abdrazakov sings Henry VIII, and Marco Armiliato conducts.

安娜‧奈瑞貝科 (Anna Netrebko) 以惟妙惟肖的表演拉開了Met(大都會歌劇院)演出季的序幕。劇中她扮演一位因國王喜新厭舊而精神錯亂的悲情皇后。大都會歌劇院首演中,她在一個規模最大的瘋狂場景中獻唱。該劇由大衛‧麥克維卡 (David McVicar) 傾力打造。古巴諾娃 (Ekaterina Gubanova) 在劇中飾演她的對手——簡,Ildar Abdrazakov 扮演亨利八世,馬爾科‧阿米利亞托 (Marco Armiliato)擔任指揮。。 

Screenings at agnes b. cinema contain a 45 minutes intermission, dinners are available upon reservation at Assaggio Trattoria Italiana, 6/F Hong Kong Arts Centre. Reservation Hotline: 2877 3999.



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Mozart’s Don Giovanni – New Production

莫扎特《唐‧喬凡尼》 – 全新製作


2012 Jan 7 (Sat) 7:40pm, UA Cityplaza

2012 Jan 8 (Sun) 3:30pm, UA Cityplaza

2012 Feb 11 (Sat) 7:00pm, agnes b. CINEMA
2012年2月11日(星期六),下午7時,agnes b. 電影院

Expected Running time: 3 hours, 55 minutes   演出約3小時55分鐘
Sung in Italian with English subtitles    以意大利文演出附英文字幕

Mariusz Kwiecien brings his youthful and sensual interpretation of Mozart’s timeless anti-hero to the Met for the first time, under the direction of Tony AwardR-winning director Michael Grandage and with Fabio Luisi conducting. Also starring Marina Rebeka, Barbara Frittoli, Ramon Vargas, and Luca Pisaroni.

馬若舒‧柯偉騫 (Mariusz Kwiecien) 首次以青春奔放又不失性感的方式,為大都會歌劇院詮釋莫扎特經久不衰歌劇中的「反英雄」形象。該劇由曾榮獲托尼獎R (Tony AwardR) 的導演邁克爾‧格蘭迪 ( Michael Grandage) 執導,並由法比奧‧雷西 (Fabio Luisi) 擔任指揮。更有Marina Rebeka、Barbara Frittoli、拉蒙‧瓦爾加斯及Luca Pisaroni眾多星光璀璨的明星傾力加盟。 

Screenings at agnes b. cinema contain a 45 minutes intermission, dinners are available upon reservation at Assaggio Trattoria Italiana, 6/F Hong Kong Arts Centre. Reservation Hotline: 2877 3999.



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Wagner’s Siegfried– New Production

華格納《齊格弗里德》 – 全新製作


2012 Feb 5 (Sun) 2:30pm, agnes b. CINEMA
2012年2月5日(星期日),下午2時30分,agnes b. 電影院

2012 Feb 19 (Sun) 5:50pm, AMC Pacific Place
2012年2月19日(星期日),下午5時50分,AMC Pacific Place

2012 Mar 4 (Sun) 5:50pm, AMC Pacific Place
2012年3月4日(星期日),下午5時50分,AMC Pacific Place

2012 Apr 22 (Sun) 5:50pm, AMC Pacific Place
2012年4月22日(星期日),下午5時50分,AMC Pacific Place

Expected Running time: 5 hours, 56 minutes   演出約5小時 56分鐘
Sung in German with English subtitles   以德文演出附英文字幕

In part three of the Ring, Wagner’s cosmic vision focuses on his hero’s early conquests, while Robert Lepage’s revolutionary stage machine transforms itself from bewitched forest to mountaintop love nest. Jay Hunter Morris sings the title role and Deborah Voigt’s Brunnhilde is his prize. Bryn Terfel is the Wanderer. Fabio Luisi conducts.

在《尼伯龍根的指環》(the Ring) 的第三部,瓦格納的宇宙觀集中表現在主人公早年的成就上,而羅伯特‧勒帕吉 (Robert Lepage) 則運用革新性的舞台機械,把迷人的森林變成了山巔的愛巢。摩李斯 (Jay Hunter Morris) 擔綱主演,劇中他獲得勝利,博得布侖希爾德(由黛博拉‧沃格特 (Deborah Voigt) 扮演)的芳心。賴恩‧特菲爾 (Bryn Terfel ) 扮演流浪者。法比奧‧雷西 (Fabio Luisi ) 擔任指揮。

*Screenings at agnes b. cinema contain a 45 minutes intermission, tea sets are available upon reservation at Assaggio Trattoria Italiana, 6/F Hong Kong Arts Centre. Reservation Hotline: 2877 3999.

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Glass’s Satyagraha



2012 Mar 3 (Sat) 7:40pm, UA Cityplaza

2012 Mar 11 (Sun) 8:00pm, Broadway - PALACE ifc
2012年3月11日(星期日),下午8時,百老匯戲院 - PALACE ifc

2012 Mar 4 (Sun) 1:30pm, UA Cityplaza

Expected Running time: 4 hours, 8 minutes   演出約4小時8分鐘
Sung in Sanskrit with minimal English subtitles   以梵文演出附有限英文字幕

“Satyagraha features minimal subtitles. Composer Philip Glass used as his text the ancient Sanskrit scripture the Bhagavad Gita, which does not relate to the actual action taking place on stage. Glass did not wish the text to be understood -- just to be heard -- and to allow the actions on stage to speak for themselves.”

The Met’s visually extravagant production is back for an encore engagement. Richard Croft once again is Gandhi in Philip Glass’s unforgettable opera, which the Washington Post calls “a profound and beautiful work of theater.”

大都會歌劇院以極盡奢華的方式,為觀眾呈現一場視聽盛宴。理查德‧克勞馥 (Richard Croft ) 再次在菲利普‧格拉斯 (Philip Glass) 令人難以忘懷的歌劇中出演甘地。該劇被《華盛頓郵報》稱之為「意義深遠而又精彩紛呈的劇院佳作」。

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Handel’s Rodelinda



2012 Mar 31 (Sat) 7:30pm, UA Cityplaza

2012 Mar 31 (Sat) 8:00pm, Broadway - PALACE ifc
2012年3月31日(星期六),下午8時,百老匯戲院 - PALACE ifc

2012 Apr 1 (Sun) 1:20pm, UA Cityplaza

Expected Running time: 4 hours, 15 minutes   演出約4小時15分鐘
Sung in Italian with English subtitles   以意大利文演出附 英文字幕

Sensational in the 2004 Met premiere of Stephen Wadsworth’s much-heralded production, Renee Fleming reprises the title role. She’s joined by Stephanie Blythe and countertenor Andreas Scholl, and Baroque specialist Harry Bicket conducts.

斯蒂芬‧沃茲華斯 (Stephen Wadsworth) 備受矚目的傾力之作,2004年於大都會歌劇院首演後即一鳴驚人、引起轟動。是次芮內‧弗萊明 (Renee Fleming) 再次擔當主演。斯特凡妮‧布萊斯 (Stephanie Blythe) 和男高音歌唱家安得烈亞斯‧肖勒 (Andreas Scholl) 亦傾情加盟該劇,更有巴洛克音樂專家哈利‧畢克特 (Harry Bicket) 擔任指揮。

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Gounod’s Faust– New Production

古諾《浮士德》 – 全新製作


2012 Apr 21 (Sat) 7:30pm, UA Cityplaza

2012 Apr 22 (Sun) 1:20pm, UA Cityplaza

Expected Running time: 4 hours, 20 minutes   演出約4小時20分鐘
Sung in French with English subtitles   以法文演出附英文字幕

With Jonas Kaufmann in the title role, Rene Pape as the devil, and Marina Poplavskaya as Marguerite, Gounod’s classic retelling of the Faust legend couldn’t be better served. Tony Award-winning director Des McAnuff updates the story to the first half of the 20th century with a production that won praise in London last season. Yannick Nezet-Seguin conducts on the heels of his Don Carlo success.

約納斯‧考夫曼( Jonas Kaufmann) 擔任主演,勒內‧帕普(Rene Pape) 扮演魔鬼,瑪麗娜‧波普拉夫斯卡婭 (Marina Poplavskaya) 飾演瑪格麗特,再現古諾的經典歌劇《浮士德》傳奇,如此強大的陣容可謂舉世無雙。托尼獎得主狄斯‧麥雅力夫( Des McAnuff) 導演將故事背景轉移到二十世紀上半葉,其導演的另一部作品於上一季在倫敦獲得如潮好評。雅尼克‧涅傑瑟貢 (Yannick Nezet-Seguin) 擔任指揮,此前他指揮的《卡洛王子》(Don Carlo) 大獲成功。

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The Enchanted Island– New Production

《魔幻島》 – 全新製作


2012 May 5 (Sat) 7:50pm, UA Cityplaza

2012 May 6 (Sun) 1:30pm, UA Cityplaza

2012 May 6 (Sun) 8:00pm, Broadway - PALACE ifc
2012年5月6日(星期日),下午8時,百老匯戲院 - PALACE ifc

Expected Running time: 3 hours, 55 minutes   演出約3小時55分鐘
Sung in English with English subtitles   以英文演出附英文字幕

In one extraordinary new work, lovers of Baroque opera have it all: the world’s best singers, glorious music of the Baroque masters, and a story drawn from Shakespeare. In The Enchanted Island, the lovers from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream are shipwrecked on his other-worldly island of The Tempest. Inspired by the musical pastiches and masques of the 18th century, the work showcases arias and ensembles by Handel, Vivaldi,  Rameau, and others, and a new libretto by Jeremy Sams. Eminent conductor William Christie leads an all-star cast with David Daniels (Prospero) and Joyce DiDonato (Sycorax) as the formidable foes, Placido Domingo as Neptune, Danielle de Niese as Ariel, and Luca Pisaroni as Caliban. Lisette Oropesa and Anthony Roth Costanzo play Miranda and Ferdinand. The dazzling production is directed and designed by Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch (Satyagraha and the Met’s 125 anniversary gala).

一部非凡卓越的新作,滿足巴洛克歌劇愛好者的所有願望:世界頂級歌唱家、巴洛克大師傾情奉獻的華彩樂章,更有改編自莎翁的壯麗篇章。莎翁筆下《仲夏夜之夢》的那對情侶經歷海難不幸,終於登上了《暴風雨》中的又一異界名島 – 《魔幻島》。本作靈感源自十八世紀拼貼音樂劇及假面舞會,奉上韓德爾、維瓦爾第、拉莫及其他作曲家譜寫的詠嘆調及合唱,以及由傑里米‧薩姆斯撰寫的新唱詞。傑出指揮家 William Christie 領銜全明星陣容,其中包括大衛‧丹尼爾斯(波布羅)和狄杜娜朵(希克拉庫斯)(飾可怖的敵人)、普拉西多‧多明戈(飾海神)、迪‧妮絲(飾精靈)及路卡‧皮沙隆尼(飾卡利班)。Lisette Oropesa 及 Anthony Roth Costanzo分別飾演米蘭達和斐迪南。這部眩目的歌劇由Phelim McDermott及Julian Crouch(《真理堅固》及大都會歌劇院之125週年慶典)攜手執導及設計。

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Wagner’s Gotterdammerung – New Production



2012 May 20 (Sun) 5:50pm, AMC Pacific Place
2012年5月20日(星期日),下午5時50分,AMC Pacific Place

2012 Jun 17 (Sun) 5:50pm, AMC Pacific Place
2012年6月17日(星期日),下午5時50分,AMC Pacific Place

2012 Jul 15 (Sun) 2:30pm, Hong Kong Film Archive

Expected Running time: 6 hours, 24 minutes   演出約6小時24分鐘
Sung in German with English subtitles   以德文演出附英文字幕

With its cataclysmic climax, the Met’s new Ring cycle, directed by Robert Lepage, comes to its resolution. Deborah Voigt stars as Brunnhilde and Jay Hunter Morris is Siegfried—the star-crossed lovers doomed by fate. Fabio Luisi conducts.

Met 推出的《尼伯龍根的指環》系列新作將由羅伯特‧勒帕吉 (Robert Lepage) 執導,隨著《諸神的黃昏》那驚天動地的高潮化為一池靜水,本系列也圓滿畫上句號。黛博拉‧沃格特 (Deborah Voigt)(飾布侖希爾特)及摩李斯 (Jay Hunter Morris) (飾齊格弗里德) – 這對不幸的愛侶注定被命運無情地詛咒。法比奧‧雷西 (Fabio Luisi ) 擔任指揮。

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Verdi’s Ernani



2012 Jun 2 (Sat) 7:50pm, UA Cityplaza

2012 Jun 3 (Sun) 3:30pm, UA Cityplaza

2012 Jun 3 (Sun) 8:00pm, Broadway - PALACE ifc
2012年6月3日(星期日),下午8時,百老匯戲院 - PALACE ifc

Expected Running time: 3 hours, 49 minutes   演出約3小時49分鐘
Sung in Italian with English subtitles   以意大利文演出附英文字幕

Angela Meade takes center stage in Verdi’s thrilling early gem. Marcello Giordani is her mismatched lover, and all-star Verdians Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Ferruccio Furlanetto round out the cast.

Angela Meade 在威爾第的《令人驚嘆的原石》(thrilling early gem) 中擔綱主角。Marcello Giordani 飾演她的冤家愛人,明星歌手狄美特‧霍洛斯托夫斯基 (Verdians Dmitri Hvorostovsk) 及富蘭內托 (Ferruccio Furlanetto) 使演員陣容完美無缺。

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Massenet’s Manon– New Production

馬斯奈《曼儂》 – 全新製作


2012 Jun 16 (Sat) 7:40pm, UA Cityplaza

2012 Jun 17 (Sun) 1:30pm, UA Cityplaza

2012 Jun 24 (Sun) 7:40pm, AMC Pacific Place
2012年6月24日(星期日),下午7時40分,AMC Pacific Place

Expected Running time: 4 hours, 24 minutes   演出約4小時24分鐘
Sung in French with English subtitles   以法文演出附英文字幕

Anna Netrebko’s dazzling portrayal of the tragic heroine in Laurent Pelly’s new production travels to the Met from the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. Piotr Beczala and Paulo Szot also star, with the Met’s Principal Guest Conductor Fabio Luisi on the podium.

安娜‧奈瑞貝科 (Anna Netrebko) 從科芬園皇家歌劇院來到大都會歌劇院的舞台,在勞倫特‧佩利 (Laurent Pelly) 的新作中精彩演繹悲情女主角。 Piotr Beczala 和 Paulo Szot 同樣也是耀眼明星,指揮台上的首席客座指揮是法比奧‧雷西 (Fabio Luisi)。

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Verdi’s La Traviata



2012 Jul 7 (Sat) 7:50pm, UA Cityplaza

2012 Jul 8 (Sun) 3:50pm, UA Cityplaza

Expected Running time: 3 hours, 7 minutes   演出約3小時7分鐘
Sung in Italian with English subtitles   以意大利文演出附英文字幕

Natalie Dessay will put on the red dress in Willy Decker’s stunning production, in her first Violetta at the Met. Matthew Polenzani sings Alfredo, Dmitri Hvorostovsky is Germont, and Principal Guest Conductor Fabio Luisi is on the podium.

納塔莉‧德賽 (Natalie Dessay) 將在德克爾 (Willy Decker) 極富才情的製作中身穿紅裙,這是她首次在大都會歌劇院扮演茶花女(薇奧列塔)。馬修‧伯仁札尼 (Matthew Polenzani) 演唱阿爾弗雷德,狄美特‧霍洛斯托夫斯基 (Dmitri Hvorostovsky) 飾演父親喬治奧,指揮台上的首席客座指揮是法比奧‧雷西 (Fabio Luisi) 。

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