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What to Expect from our 2021 Encore Series

Met Stars Live in Concert - Renee Fleming / Jonas Kaufmann
The best two for one musical deal!

Two of operas greatest artists star in back-to-back recitals from the Metropolitan Opera’s Met Stars Live in Concert series. Beloved American diva Renée Fleming performs an intimate concert from the historic Dumbarton Oaks estate in Washington, D.C., recorded live in August 2020 and superstar tenor Jonas Kaufmann gives a thrilling recital of popular arias from the Polling Abbey in Bavaria, recorded live in July 2020.

The programme will be two hours without intermission.

Lucia di Lammermoor
“Natalie Dessay was the production’s first Lucia when the production was new in 2007 and she returns to reclaim it.” – Classical Review. If you want to see superb acting and superb singing this is the definitive Lucia. Sadly now retired from the operatic stage,  Natalie Dessay reminds us here of why she was a true star.

The Merry Widow
In an art nouveau setting, Lehar’s enchanting operetta brings colour, zest and the cancan to our screens. Renee Fleming stars as the beguiling femme fatale with a fortune. Broadway favourite Kelly O’Hara sparkles as Valencienne (remember her in Cosi?). The sets are a joy to behold, especially the amazing transition to the legendary Maxim’s where everything is on offer and nothing seems forbidden.

Roberto Devereux
This is a triumph for Sondra Radvanosky, the last of the three Tudor Queens she played in one season. Queen Elizabeth is forced to sign the death warrant of the man she loves, Roberto Devereux, sung by Matthew Polenzani.The production is by the brilliant Sir David McVicar. “Searing, a triumph,” cry the critics. And so it is. “The applause and bravos for the soprano Sondra Radvanovsky were so frenzied at the end of Donizetti’s “Roberto Devereux” at the Metropolitan Opera on Thursday night that she looked overwhelmed, almost a little frightened. The audience members knew, it seemed, that they had just witnessed an emotionally vulnerable and vocally daring performance, a milestone in the career of an essential artist.” - NYTimes

La Cenerentola
The darling Joyce DiDonato and rock star handsome Juan Diego Florez are alone the reason to watch this fairytale but Rossini’s beautiful music will enchant you. The production is whimsical, the action physically comic and the performances truly stellar. No fairy Godmother but a philosophic godfather instead reminds us that this is not a traditional Cinderella.

Here’s the story of a poet whose death launched clusters of copycats in the 18th Century. Unrequited love and a longing for what can never be leads Jonas Kaufmann as Werther to his poignant end. Richard Eyre’s sets are wonderful and the final hovering claustrophobic study becomes the place for Werther’s surprisingly graphic suicide. Sophie Koch is a matchless Charlotte, the object of Werther’s obsession. One reviewer pointed out that in a more modern era this would be termed a stalker’s opera.

Would you sell your soul to the devil for an extra 24 years of life?Perhaps if the extra years could be spent listening to Jonas Kaufmann! Des McAnuff’s thrilling 2011 production places the mythical and timeless story in an early 20th-century setting. René Pape as Méphistophélès is menacing and elegant in equal measure, and Marina Poplavskaya delivers a searingly intense portrayal of the innocent Marguerite. Russell Braun as her brother, Valentin, shines in his Act II aria. On the podium, Yannick Nézet-Séguin brings out all the lyricism and drama of Gounod’s score.

Der Rosenkavalier
A production of gilt and red damask, hauntingly beautiful music and a fitting farewell to Renee Fleming’s portrayal of this role. Renee Fleming is the Marschallin and Elina Garanca the young Octavian with whom she is having an affair. “Wearing a fur coat, her hair all golden locks, Ms. Fleming’s Marschallin looks glamorous, yet clearly wounded. She sings the arching melodic line that begins Strauss’s transcendent trio with seamless phrasing and ethereal sound, her more mature voice blending poignantly with the youthful colorings of Ms. Morley and Ms. Garanca.” - NYTimes

Here’s the story of a woman who simply wants everything, love and money - the original Material Girl, Manon has been sent away to join a convent, her family having seen the beginnings of her wayward nature. She escapes this fate and allows her sensual nature full rein, only to die impoverished and disgraced.

Here’s a masterpiece, hypnotic and ritualistic. It will be like nothing you have ever seen before. The star counter-tenor Anthony Roth Costanzo is the legendary Pharaoh who transformed Ancient Egypt. Phelim McDermott’s goal is to create a theatrical experience that is beyond words, plot and conventional storytelling. Operawire calls it: “The Best Met Production of the Year.

The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess
Director James Robinson’s stylish production transports audiences to Catfish Row, a setting vibrant with the music, dancing, emotion, and heartbreak of its inhabitants. It’s a tapestry of sound and movement with George Gershwin’s lush score underpinning the lyrics of his brother, Ira Gershwin and the libretto of DuBose Heyward. The ensemble work has an energy rarely seen in the musical theatre. Quite amazing!

Handel’s tale of intrigue and impropriety in ancient Rome receives its first Met performances, with star mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato as the controlling, power-hungry Agrippina and Harry Bicket conducting. Sir David McVicar’s production ingeniously reframes the action of this black comedy about the abuse of power to “the present,” where it should loudly resonate. Prepared to be shocked! What a great family this is! Mum, married to her uncle (yes) whom she will eventually poison with mushrooms, working hard to promote her own crazy son to the throne after which he will have her clubbed to death. Fortunately Handel ends his opera at a point where the ascension is guaranteed. 

Quote from
The New York Times
美國大都會歌劇院高清系列:2021 – 22季度

美國大都會歌劇院高清系列將在2021 - 22年度在超過70國家共同上映

自2020年3月閉館一年多以來,美國大都會歌劇院將於2021年9月27日重開,並以歌劇院首演的全新作品泰倫斯.布蘭查德的《焚燒的火困在我骨中》 (Terence Blanchard’s Fire Shut Up in My Bones) 展開樂季序幕。2021 – 22年度,美國大都會歌劇院將以前所未有的強勢劇目陣容回歸,包括三套全新當代作品的首演,打破自1928 - 29年起單一樂季全新作品首演數目紀錄;以及採用全新舞台設計的六套劇目。歌劇院亦專為親子觀眾增設精要英文版本的《灰姑娘》(Cinderella),內容取自馬斯奈同名歌劇。以上新作聯同經典劇目將於美國大都會歌劇院高清系列亮相及於全球各地上映。

美國大都會歌劇院總經理彼得.蓋伯 (Peter Gelb) 在一次訪問中表示:「保持極高的藝術水準將是美國大都會歌劇院未來的首要任務,我們必須維持,甚至超越現有藝術水準,才能吸引觀眾回歸。」美國大都會歌劇院音樂總監雅尼克.尼澤-塞甘 (Yannick Nézet-Séguin) 對2021 – 22樂季感到非常興奮:「我十分期待與歌劇院樂團及合唱團重返舞台,向觀眾展示我們藝術魅力的全新一面。」

亞洲藝術音樂推廣基金會將繼續主辦美國大都會歌劇院高清系列:2021 – 22季度,為香港觀眾帶來高水準的歌劇作品。放映詳情於稍後公佈。

美國大都會歌劇院高清系列:2021 – 22季度劇目
(Terence Blanchard’s Fire Shut Up in My Bones)


2021 - 22樂季由六屆格林美獎得主作曲家泰倫斯.布蘭查德 (Terence Blanchard) 所寫的《焚燒的火困在我骨中》揭開序幕,更是美國大都會歌劇院首次上演非裔美國作曲家的歌劇作品,為其歷史寫下新的一頁。改編自《紐約時報》作者查理斯.布洛 (Charles Blow) 的自傳,故事講述了成為布洛人生轉捩點的童年時期往事,由此展開一連串有關性向及性別的對話。

憑2019 – 2020年度《波吉與貝絲》製作獲得格林美獎的詹姆斯.羅賓森 (James Robinson) 卡蜜兒.A.布朗 (Camille A. Brown) 再度聯手為此歌劇擔任舞台製作。男低音威爾.利弗曼 (Will Liverman) 飾演男主角查理斯,演出陣容包括安潔兒.布魯 (Angel Blue) 拉東婭.摩爾 (Latonia Moore)。音樂總監雅尼克.尼澤-塞甘 (Yannick Nézet-Séguin) 指揮。本劇於2019年世界首演時已大獲好評。《紐約時報》稱讚此作「大膽嶄新且觸動人心」,《華盛頓郵報》則形容此作「引人瞩目」。

(Matthew Aucoin’s Eurydice)


由美國大都會歌劇院委約,年輕美國作曲家馬修.奧庫安 (Matthew Aucoin) 與普立茲獎及東尼獎候選人莎拉.魯爾 (Sarah Ruhl) 聯手將她大受歡迎的戲劇《尤麗狄絲》改編成歌劇。《尤麗狄絲》以全新角度重新演繹著名希臘神話奧菲斯的故事,並以尤麗狄絲的視角講述生離死別之苦。音樂總監雅尼克.尼澤-塞甘 (Yannick Nézet-Séguin) 指揮嶄新樂章,而導演瑪麗.辛默曼 (Mary Zimmerman) 負責獻上迷人的舞台設計。艾琳.莫爾利 (Erin Morley) 擔當女主角,喬舒亞.霍普金斯 (Joshua Hopkins) 演唱奧菲斯,而賈可伯.約瑟夫.奧林斯基 (Jakub Józef Orliński) 則飾演奧菲斯的另我。《尤麗狄絲》於2020年世界首演時獲得高度肯定,《洛杉磯時報》盛讚製作「精緻優雅」;《Bachtrack》則形容此劇「感人」、「極具特色」及「目不暇給」。

威爾第《弄臣》(Verdi’s Rigoletto)

威爾第這套關於復仇與犧牲的著名歌劇,將由東尼獎得主導演巴特萊.謝爾(Bartlett Sher) 設計全新舞台,將《弄臣》的故事搬到裝飾藝術時代的歐洲。威爾第男中音昆恩.契爾斯 (Quinn Kelsey) 飾演弄臣一角,其演出曾被《觀察家報》形容為「超乎想像」及被《衛報》大讚「演技超凡」。 蘿莎.費奧拉 (Rosa Feola) 演繹純真的吉爾達,而皮奧塔.別恰拉 (Piotr Beczała) 則再度演繹曼圖亞公爵。

威爾第《唐.卡洛》(Verdi’s Don Carlos)


威爾第筆下這個有關禁忌之戀與政治鬥爭的《唐.卡洛》,其原裝法語版本一百五十多年來將首次於美國大都會歌劇院上演。大衛.麥克維卡 (Sir David McVicar) 負責舞台設計,將觀眾帶回到西班牙宗教裁判所權力顛峰的時期,初演時已獲《Operawire》大讚「精彩絕倫」。音樂總監雅尼克.尼澤-塞甘 (Yannick Nézet-Séguin) 執棒,帶領星光熠熠的陣容:馬修.布蘭札尼 (Matthew Polenzani) 飾演唐.卡洛王子、頌雅.詠切娃 (Sonya Yoncheva) 飾演伊莉莎白、艾麗娜.嘉蘭莎 (Elīna Garanča) 飾演艾伯莉、及居恩特.格萊斯博克 (Günther Groissböck) 飾演西班牙國王菲臘二世。

(Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor)

曾多次於美國大都會歌劇院登台演出並以美麗歌聲迷倒觀眾的年輕女高音娜丁.塞拉 (Nadine Sierra) 將領銜主演歌劇界最具挑戰性的作品──董尼采第《拉美莫爾的露琪亞》。她曾被《Operawire》形容為「一個正在誕生的傳奇」,如何演活被政治聯婚逼瘋的純真女子將不容錯過。出演露琪亞的戀人是哈維爾.卡馬雷納 (Javier Camarena) ,其完美歌喉一向大受觀眾好評。阿圖爾.魯欽斯基 (Artur Rucinski) 則出演恩里科一角。全新舞台設計將由澳洲戲劇及電影導演新星西蒙.史東 (Simon Stone) 負責。

布雷特.迪恩《哈姆雷特》(Brett Dean’s Hamlet)


澳洲作曲家布雷特.迪恩 (Brett Dean) 全新演繹莎士比亞最著名悲劇《哈姆雷特》,於2017年格林德伯恩音樂節世界首演時已經震撼全城。《衛報》大讚「新作歌劇少有如此動聽的作品…迪恩的《哈姆雷特》令人喜出望外」;《金融時報》則形容此劇「前衛又令人難忘」。初演導演尼爾.岩菲路 (Neil Armfield) 將與大部分原班陣容一同將這別具一格的作品帶到美國。被盛讚演技精湛的艾倫.克萊頓 (Allan Clayton) 再演哈姆雷特、布蘭達.蕾 (Brenda Rae) 飾演奧菲莉亞、莎拉.康諾利 (Sarah Connolly) 飾演葛楚特、羅德.吉爾弗利 (Rod Gilfry) 飾演克勞狄斯、約翰.湯姆林森 (Sir John Tomlinson) 飾演國王的靈魂。 

馬斯奈《灰姑娘》(Massenet’s Cinderella)

美國大都會歌劇院為致力推廣歌劇予親子觀眾,經常獻上精要版歌劇,並翻譯成英文演出。歌劇院於本樂季新設馬斯奈《灰姑娘》精要英文版本,並由伊莎貝爾.萊納德 (Isabel Leonard) 飾演善良的灰姑娘;年輕新星艾蜜莉.迪安杰洛 (Emily D’Angelo) 飾演王子;謝茜嘉.普拉特 (Jessica Pratt) 飾演仙子教母;斯蒂芬妮.布萊斯 (Stephanie Blythe) 再演邪惡的繼母;勞倫特.納歐里 (Laurent Naouri) 飾演灰姑娘父親潘多夫。此演出採用勞倫特.佩利 (Laurent Pelly) 充滿幻想力的故事書設計,於2017 – 18年度初演時已被《紐約時報》及《觀察家報》大讚「精緻迷人」、「閃爍動人」。

(Mussorgsky’s Boris Godunov)

被譽為穆索斯基的最高傑作及俄羅斯歌劇代表作,《鮑里斯.戈杜諾夫》將重返大都會歌劇院舞台。此打動人心的舞台製作由史提芬.華茲華斯 (Stephen Wadsworth) 負責,塞巴斯蒂安.魏格利 (Sebastian Weigle) 指揮最原汁原味的1869年版本樂章。此歌劇最佳演繹者之一男低音勒內.帕普 (René Pape) 將再演鮑里斯.戈杜諾夫,其2010年的演出將主角的內心折磨表現得淋漓盡致,震撼場內觀眾。《紐約時報》稱他為「最理想的選角」;《Bachtrack》則形容他的表演「媲美最好的莎士比亞演出」。

(Strauss’s Ariadne auf Naxos)


史特勞斯耐人尋味的劇中劇《拿索斯島的亞莉安尼》將於高清系列首次與香港觀眾見面,由以利亞.莫申斯基 (Elijah Moshinsky) 製作此富有想像力的舞台。主角亞莉安尼由年輕女高音麗莎.戴維森 (Lise Davidsen) 演唱,於歐洲演出此角時已被盛讚「光芒四射」 (《衛報》) 及「令人振奮」(《Bachtrack》) 。布蘭達.蕾 (Brenda Rae) 飾演彩碧妮塔,與亞莉安尼相愛的酒神巴庫斯則由布蘭登.喬瓦諾維奇 (Brandon Jovanovich) 出演;伊莎貝爾.倫納德 (Isabel Leonard) 飾演作曲家一角。馬雷克.亞諾夫斯基 (Marek Janowski) 指揮。

普契尼《杜蘭朵》(Puccini’s Turandot)

萬眾期待的當代歌劇界名伶安娜.涅特列布科 (Anna Netrebko) 飾演普契尼名作中冰冷無情的公主,其2019年於大都會歌劇院新年晚會時演唱《杜蘭朵》名曲時已被《Operawire》及《紐約時報》大讚「氣勢磅礡」及「讓人期待」。襯托巨星的佈景是由法蘭高.齊費里尼 (Franco Zeffirelli) 打造的經典製作,其富麗堂皇的衣裝及舞台設計自首演以來震撼千萬觀眾。同場有李勇勳 (Yonghoon Lee) 飾演卡拉富、埃爾莫利拉.亞霍 (Ermonela Jaho) 飾演柳兒、費魯喬.富拉内托 (Ferruccio Furlanetto) 飾演帖木兒。馬可.阿米利亞托 (Marco Armiliato) 擔任指揮。

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