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2 May 2021 (SUN) 4:00pm, Emperor Cinemas (Entertainment Building, Central) 
2021年 5月2日 (星期日) 下午4時正,英皇戲院(中環娛樂行)

19 June 2021 (SAT) 3:00pm, Festival Grand Cinema 
2021年 6月19日 (星期六) 下午3時正,Festival Grand Cinema

20 June 2021 (SUN) 3:35 pm, Premiere Elements
2021年 6月20日 (星期日) 下午3時35分, Premiere Elements

21 August 2021 (SAT) 3:35pm, MOViE MOViE Pacific Place
2021年 8月21日 (星期六) 下午3時35分,MOViE MOViE Pacific Place

Expected running Time: 3Hrs  

Sung in French with English Subtitles






CONDUCTOR Alain Altinoglu




VIDEO DESIGNER Wendall K.Harrington


Act I The Home of the Bailiff
Wetzlar, Germany, the 1890s. On a summer evening, the widowed Bailiff is practicing a Christmas carol with his young children. Since the death of his wife, his eldest daughter, Charlotte, has been looking after the family. Two of his friends stop by, discussing the young poet Werther, who is to escort Charlotte to a ball that evening, and asking about Charlotte’s absent fianc?, Albert. After they have gone into the house, Werther appears, reflecting on the beauty of nature. Charlotte returns, dressed for the ball, and Werther watches as she gives the children their supper and then leaves them in the care of Sophie, her 15-year-old sister. Deeply touched by the idyllic scene, Werther departs with Charlotte. The Bailliff sets off to join his friends at the inn and Sophie remains alone as night falls. She is surprised by the arrival of Albert, who has returned early from a long journey. They talk happily of his impending marriage to Charlotte and go off into the house. In the moonlight, Charlotte and Werther return from the ball. He praises her beauty and devotion to her family; she recalls the memory of her mother. Feeling that his affections are being returned and inspired by the romantic mood, Werther passionately declares his love. At that moment, the Bailiff calls out from the house that Albert is back. The spell is broken. Charlotte admits that he is the man she promised her dying mother to marry. Werther is devastated.

第一幕 法官家
1890 年代,德國韋茨拉爾。夏日的傍晚,喪偶的法官與他年幼的孩子們一起練習著聖誕的讚美詩。自打他的妻子去世後,他的大女兒夏洛蒂便肩負起了照顧家人的責任。兩名好友到訪,與法官談論起晚上要陪同夏洛特前去參加舞會的年輕詩人維特,並問起夏洛特缺席的未婚夫阿爾伯特。當他們進入屋內後,維特讚美著美麗的自然風光出現。夏洛特穿著參加舞會的禮服回到家中,為她的弟妹們準備晚餐,然後囑咐她 15 歲的妹妹蘇菲照顧其他弟妹。而維特在一旁將一切收歸眼底。維特與夏洛特離開,被如詩如畫的田園景色深深打動。夜幕降臨,法官出門與他的好友們在旅館聚會,留下蘇菲單獨照顧弟妹們。早早結束長途旅行回來的阿爾伯特來到法官家,使蘇菲感到十分意外。他們愉快地談論著阿爾伯特與夏洛特即將到來的婚禮走進了屋子。月光下,夏洛特與維特從舞會回來。維特讚美著夏洛特的美麗大方和她對家人的熱愛,而夏洛特則回憶起她的母親。感受到自己的情感得到迴應的維特在浪漫氣氛的促使下熱情地向夏洛特表達了他的愛意。這時,法官在屋內大聲宣告阿爾伯特回來了。浪漫的氛圍頓時煙消雲散。夏洛特告訴維特,她答應母親要嫁給阿爾伯特。維特陷入了煩惱之中。

Act II The Linden Trees
It is September and Charlotte and Albert have been married for three months. Werther has maintained a friendship with them but is tormented by the idea that Charlotte belongs to another. On a Sunday of celebration at the village church, he meets Albert, who explains that he understands the cause of Werther’s distress, having met his wife when she was still free. Werther assures him that he only feels friendship for them both. Sophie enters and happily invites Werther for a dance but he evades her. When Charlotte appears he cannot prevent himself from speaking of his love and recalls their first meeting. Charlotte reminds him of her duties as a wife. For both of their sakes, she says, he must leave town and not return until Christmas. Alone, Werther gives in to his despair, musing on the idea of suicide. Sophie returns to invite him to the festivities but he brusquely replies that he is departing forever and rushes off, leaving her in tears. When Sophie passes on the news, Albert realizes that Werther is still in love with Charlotte.

第二幕 椴樹林


Act III Charlotte and Werther
At home on Christmas Eve, Charlotte re-reads Werther’s letters, admitting to herself that she still loves him as much as he loves her. Sophie arrives and tries to cheer her up, but Charlotte gives in to her despair and conflicting emotions. Suddenly Werther appears, haggard and desolate. Together they evoke tender memories of playing the piano and reading the works of Ossian, leading Werther to reflect on the tragedy of love. For a brief moment, Charlotte loses her composure and falls into Werther’s arms. Then she runs from the room, telling him they will never meet again. Left without hope, Werther leaves. Albert returns, puzzled at his wife’s agitation. A servant hands him a note from Werther: he is going on a long journey and asks to borrow Albert’s pistols. Albert coldly orders his wife to hand them over. As soon as he has gone, Charlotte—realizing the meaning of Werther’s words—rushes off to save him.

第三幕 夏洛特與維特

Act IV Christmas Eve – The Death of Werther
Charlotte finds Werther mortally wounded in his study. He asks her not to call for help, happy to finally be united with her. She admits that she has loved him since they first met. Werther dies in her arms as the children’s Christmas carol is heard from outside.

第四幕 聖誕夜 – 維特之死

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For 2021 – 22 season, the Met will be returning with an ambitious line up, comprising Met premieres of three contemporary operas, breaking the record for the number of new operas to premiere in a single season since 1928 – 29; six brand new productions including new works and all-time classics. In addition, the Met also offers an abridged, English-language holiday presentation of Cinderella, adapted from Laurent Pelly’s 2018 production of Massenet’s Cendrillon.

All of these exciting new works, together with spectacular revivals, will be available as part of The Met: Live in HD 2021 – 22 season globally.

For the complete list of Met Live in HD 2021 - 22 season titles and full press release: ENGLISH / 中文

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